Highlights from the body of work produced by Gyuricza

What made me who I am?

Stygg II.jpg


I hope you find what you’re looking for out there.

I hope you find yourself out there.

I hope you figure out your heart, I hope you figure out your mind. I hope you learn how to be kind to yourself, how to embrace the journey you are on. I hope you learn how to be proud of the person you are becoming, I hope you learn how to be proud of where you are — even if it isn’t exactly where you want to be. I hope you learn to fall in love with the process, with the messiness of life and the confusion of it all.

At the end of the day, I hope you find what you’re looking for out there. I hope your life will be your biggest inspiration.


"Don't ask me about my feminist agenda. This one time my dad told my mom the lunch was too salty. She stood up, went there slowly, and gave him such a f*cking huge slap he felt out of his chair. I don’t consider my self an anything ’ist, but my life has been shaped by powerful women"

*200 x 150 cm canvas and acryl, 2018 Budapest

Elastic Hearth*

"Painted this after a breakup. Did you know that in tarot 'The fool' earned his name beacause he loves completely. The fool will go through life at the same time life goes through him. The fool believes. The fool steps blindly, reminding us we cannot simply bear what is necessary, we must love it."

*100 x 70 cm canvas and acryl 2018 Budapest

death be not proud.jpg

Death be not proud*

"My absolute favorite poem (sonett) is 'Death be not' by John Donne. This poem presents an argument against the power of death. Addressing Death as a person, the speaker warns Death against pride in his power. Such power is merely an illusion, and the end Death thinks it brings to men and women is in fact a rest from world-weariness for its alleged “victims.” The poet criticizes Death as a slave to other forces: fate, chance, kings, and desperate men. Death is not in control, for a variety of other powers exercise their volition in taking lives.

You know I just had to paint this"

*50 x 70 cm canvas and acryl, 2016 Budapest



"Take for instance you,
Take for instance me,

Take for instance the fact that we were getting into trouble every other minute, spending more time in the office of the principal then in our dormrooms where we were roomates.

Like the time you thought it would be cool to throw a melted chocolate bar into a crowded bus, than point at it and yell


You said it was something you saw in a movie,

No surprise we were kicked out by the busdriver, and were told never dare to travel on this line.

Next day we took the same bus, showing a slice of a bolognie instead of a monthly pass.

Take for instance the day we spent the night like millionaires, needing to go bankrupted by sunrise.

Take for instance the lie's we told our parents like "No, that's not my smokes. I'm holding it for a friend"

"No mister officer sir. I wasn't spraying graffiti - thats illegal. What? That? Thats just my body spray. Yupp, all 40 cans."

Take for instance the time you told me a heart can't break. It can only bend.

Or the time you stole 2 botles of St hubertus from the convenience store, in the sidepocket of your trousers.

I still belive in 2 things: Hubertus is evil, pants with sidepockets are cool.

Take for instance you,
Take for instance me,
Take for instance the word instantly.

And how it used to be used to define things. ‘Smoke! This instant!’ ‘Beer! This instant!’ ‘Rap! This instant!’ ‘Food! This instant!’

This is how we lived in the shitty student dorm in Veszprém, Cholnoky lakótelep where you were only allowed to fart in winter, because it made the room warmer.

Where you could always hear hip-hop: 2pac, biggie, dmx and eminem.

Or the way they told me you died. Instantly.
They said it as if there was a measure of comfort to be found in the fact that you are dead.

That you said no long goodbye's or last words.

You were just gone.
Like a deadbeat dad who popped out for some cigarettes and never came back.
And we were standing there like abandoned kids thinking ‘Did he leave because of us?’

Fact is you were a different kind of gone altogether.
Gone like the promises of lovers who believed in things like unicorns, and forever.

Gone as in never coming back.
Gone as in your parents can't even bring themselves to go into your old room.
Gone as your brother had to start using an electirc shaver, so he doesn't have to look into the mirror each morning.

Because your eyes are looking back from the mirror.

But they all said you died instantly.

They said it as if in you is a grace to not linger like a tragedy on slow motion, or a heartbreak set on pause.

No slow cause of death for us all to deal with, they said it as if it was a relief. As if that's what you would have wanted.

And I have seen machines push life into the bodies of people who would rather just go and I know that's not something you would want. And I'm not saying I knew you better than most, but I'm pretty sure that you'd rather be alive now.

Like the night we snuk out of the dorm, with 2 botles of Hubertusz. We camped under the stars and got drunk. Listening to your ‘MAD RAP MIX’ CD in my cd player.

One song in you already sunk it to nostalgia. Listed from memory the top 20 girls you never kissed but always wanted to.

Backwards, non-stop, twenty through two, you stopped at number one and said her name as if once upon a time. You almost did.

We were alive that night.
We watched the dark bleed into twilight.
Watched the sunrise, write novels of vermilion on the backs of shinny black Beatles and blades of grass.

Clouds splitting like lovers lost in the shuffle of trust and jealousy.

We saying our biggest wishes.

Your's was "I wanna be taller than my brother."

Mine was "to find inspiration in life and transform the unimaginable to tangable creating amazing artworks" - but instead I said the name of the hotest chick in highschool and i told you i wanna hook up with her.

You laughed so hard neighbours woke up and threatend us with police.

But we didn’t really care. We were really drunk.
And for once, there was no because to the why.

We spoke like liars finally speaking truth.
Each word a confessional both where we recounted our sins realising the failures of our youth, are what make up the beauty of our age.

That every page turned cannot be re-written only re-read.
Every chapter we sped through needs to remain un-edited.

Exposing our screw ups like the slip of the nipple on the evening news...

we were never perfect.
And we were only ever barley amazing.
I remember my life changeing in an instance when i saw you draw. I saw you forcing 3 dimensions into 2. I remember thinking: ‘If i could draw like that i would have so many chicks’. Didn’t occure to me you also had zero.

But I've been thinking about the word instantly.
And how you lived.
Instant to instant.

Take for instance the night we met.
You offerd me smokes, and when saw me hesitate you told me ‘Non smokers will be punched’ than aded as emphasis ‘Instantly’

My heart is bending.
I keep re-reading the ending of your life expecting a next chapter.
I expect laughter as if it was always there.
I un-expect your death hard part of me believes I can make it not true.

That night when you laughed about my ambitions to hook up whit said chick you game me a stone. A small peble you found on the ground and you told me it used to be a wishing star and I should ‘Wish motherfucker. Really, fucking hard’

The star - you said - has lost its magic
Because too many people wished on it and that's a lot of pressure for one little star.

I found it sentimental and sweet. Then you told me "Even this couldn't help you with her". And you punched me in the stomace.

I remember we were stanidng doumbfounded at your funeral looking at eachoter ‘Now what?’

I remember when they told me You were gone.
I missed You.

Acryl on 30 x 40 cm canvaspanel, 2016 Budapest

And thats how the story goes*

"None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after tought. Eat delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you're carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There's no time for anything else."

*100 x 120 cm canvas and acryl, 2017 Budapest



"People belive love is a perfect state of mind and its manifests itself by ideal caring. I think love is an active noun like 'go' or 'struggle.' To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now."

*40 x 40 cm canvas and acryl, 2018 Budapest






*Street art, Various Size



"So this one one time I was in love with this girl, but I had like no money for a gift, right? So I scored an old casette player and made her a mixtape, like in 2010? I't was pretty sweet. Bummer is she also had to get a casette player to listen to it but she said this made it even more special.

Fast worward a few years, we broke up I moved out and in one of the boxes I found the tape she put there. I felt that i had to do something with the object to create art so I did this collage.

I wanted to remember the blind love I felt, and hoped I could experience it again despite loss and hearthbrake."

40 x 40 cm collage, 2015


"Deep within us—no matter who we are—there lives a feeling of wanting to be lovable, of wanting to be the kind of person that others like to be with. And the greatest thing we can do is to let people know that they are loved and capable of loving."

*50 x 70 cm canvas and acryl, 2017 Budapest

Swart Björn*

"Confronted by the alie-nation the 'alianation' the subjects and citizens see the material religions through trauma, numb. Nothing is related. All the things of earth and sky have energy to be exploited. Even themselves. Mining their spirits, into souls, solids. Into nothing is sacred. Not even themself. The Alien-nation. The alienation. "

*70 x 70 cm canvas and acryl, 2017 Budapest


"We had a dog, Mex, a Dobermann. My dad loved that thing so much. One time we ran late from church because Mex fell asleep on the lap of my dad and he didn't want to wake it up. Mex bit me one time when I was 4ish (just my overalls, no injuries), but my dad ran there, hit the animal with a hoe and choked it with his bare hands. I think ultimate love is sacrificing the thing you love, for the thing you couldn't even imagine living life without.”

*50 x 70 cm canvas and acryl, 2016 Budapest



"not mad. not mad. not mad. not mad.

ok f*ck. this f*ck you. f*ck off."

*64x120cm woodfibre and acryl, 2016 Budapest

i 3 budapest - acryl on 50 x 80cm plexiglass 2016 budapest.jpg

I <3 Budapest*

"I love Budapest (boo-da-pesht).
I love, the city, I adore the people. I admire the civic superiority, spanning everything from our superlative gyros and our expansive arts and culture scene to our place in history as an incubator of innovation, be it architectural, technological or sartorial.

I moved here in 2015, and I s*it you not knew like this one guy here. Now I have an army of friends who find me an inspiration, and who are the pillars of my very existence.

I just f*ck love you all mad c*nts"

*50 x 80cm plexiglass and acryl, 2016 Budapest


"Consciousness is a mystery that faces the mystery of potential and transforms it into actuality. We do that with every choice we make. Our choices determine the destiny of the world. By making a choice, you alter the structure of reality."

*80x60 cm canvas panel and acryl, 2017 Budapest

Sounds of passion*

"I stole this music sheet from my aunt, as I wanted to create something on ANYTHING but a canvas. It turned out dope but she's still not talking to me cuz what I stole was like a 200 yo music sheet worth a sh*tload of money.

BTW, I won a national award with this in 2012"

*30 x 40 cm kashiered music sheet and acryl, 2012 Budapest

the fool 30x40cm panel and acryl 2017 Budapest.jpg


"The toughest thing is to love somebody who has done something mean to you. Especially when that somebody has been yourself."

*30 x 40 cm woodfibre and acryl, 2016 Budapest

livin it easy*

"What more can I say? I'm deeply obsesed with 90's Hip-Hop."

*35 x 45 cm canvas and acryl, 2016 Budapest

save-save as.jpg

Save as*

"The failing use of my right hand
Isn't actually the failing use of my right hand
It's just another way to tell the time
And I'm ticking

I know we should weather the worst together, but she protests that I use the word love to often.

She only asks me that I put the effort in, but in return she has pinned a paper heart to her chest then did her best impression
of a target

'It's not happening to you' - I said - 'It's happening to us'

I feel like we've been buying time, on a maxed out credit card, with arms scarred from selling our own affections to pay down the debt.

The worth of the words that come out my mouth, determines my wage and I can't make enough to keep the lights on.

'I wan't a divorce' - I said

'About time' - she replied

We sit there staring like a pile of dirty laundry, and how we'll ever come clean is beyond me

'So we don't' - She says
'It's supposed to be dirty. And if by the end you haven't hurt me
Then you didn't try'

And the failing use of my heart isn't actually the failing use of my heart

It's just another way to tell the time

And we're ticking

Towards a divorce"

I got divorced on 2016 May 4.

*30 x 40 cm woodfibre and acryl, 2015 Budapest

Empire Poppin

Empire poppin*

"If you think about it, it's basically the sh*tty drama of one family f*cking up the whole galaxy.

Get your sh*t together, cut out toxic people from your life, and love and care for your kids, share your passion with them, and just be there."

*40 x 60 cm woodfibre and acryl, 2016 Budapest

life unravels*

"I'm telling you man, this f*cking comission. She came to me, tears in her eyes like 'he died, he had a f*cking tumor in his head and now she dead'.

they visited him every day and stayed well passed visiting hours. because for them that term didn't apply. One time he said: 'the worst part about being sick is you get all the free ice cream you ask for. and he says the worst part about that is realizing that there’s nothing more they can do for you.'

So we must meet silence with the same level of noise that the parents of dying nine year old boys make when they take liberties in talking with heaven.

He loved to pull feathers out of his pillow, and watch them float to the ground, almost as if he was the philosopher inside of the scientist ready to say that its gravity that’s been getting us down."

*24 x 40 cm canvas and acryl, 2015 Vienna

Tribe called Red*

"I'm not gonna lie, I love everything Star Wars. I like the Storm Trooper especialy because they have inherantly no personality. So I can bend them to my liking giving them a persona I choose."

*55 x 120 cm woodfibre and acryl, 2016 Budapest